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Welcome to the Inquiries into UK Nuclear Organisation Practices website. Inquiries were held as a result of questions being raised about whether individuals in the UK Nuclear industry were following appropriate procedures.
The U.K. has one of the most advanced programs in Europe to build a fleet of new nuclear power plants as part of efforts to shore up energy supplies as old plants close, while also meeting climate-change targets. Major European utilities are planning billions of pounds investment to build in total 16 gigawatts of new nuclear capacity by 2025.

Recent inquiries into nuclear industry practices point government, industry and regulators to many new areas for review, including reliance on infrastructure such as the electricity grid in an extreme event, emergency-response arrangements, plant layout and risks associated with flooding.

Reports on progress in those areas are due by June 2015 for a report next year on progress implementing the areas under review. European nuclear stress tests have been conducted in parallel to the inquiry process and there are overlaps between the initial findings and the various recommendations that have been arrived at as a result of inquiries. Stress tests will continue into next year. Overall the result of ongoing inquiries into the practices at use in the UK nuclear industry have led to increased corporate responsibility and far greater vigilance.

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